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"Colin James is simply outstanding..."

Managing Partner, Ernst & Young

Colin James does not fall neatly into a category as he is a superb Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer and Coach.


It is rare to find one person who can MC a conference brilliantly, deliver a standing ovation standard keynote as well as run a deeply engaging workshop to embed skills, all on the same day. He can also consult with clients on event design to create profoundly memorable, world-class conferences.

Keynote topics include:
  • Lizard Management Strategies
  • Followership
  • Managing The Change Game Brilliantly
  • “I Don’t Believe It!” Making The ‘Impossible’ Possible


Facilitation is a complex and sophisticated skill and Colin is internationally recognised for his ability to manage groups through often challenging and difficult processes. Whether it is to clarify strategy, improve leadership, communication or collaboration, he is a master at navigating complexity, conflict and politically tricky situations and facilitating outcomes that have lasting and measurable value.


Colin's coaching approach is specifically focused on skill and personal development. He is very direct and robust in his approach and seeks to limit coaching sessions to a maximum of 3 or 4 sessions. He has coached some of Australia's leading executives in financial services, aviation and information technology. He only provides coaching 4 days a month