Colin James was recipient of Australian Educator of the Year, 2008. This award recognized his achievements as an Educator over 23 years starting in 1988 at the Australian Quadriplegic Association where, as Training Manager, he designed a groundbreaking 18 week Tertiary Rehabilitation Program. His work with people with spinal cord injury led to him working alongside Christopher Reeve and Facilitating the Australian Spinal Cord Injury Summit in 2002.

Today Colin works as an Education Consultant advising companies on training design, instructional design, learning transfer and measurement.


Colin has been a keynote speaker at conferences around the world including the 14th International Conference on Thinking in 2009 in Malaysia. Sharing the platform with the likes of Edward de Bono, Howard Gardner and the like, Colin spoke on 'The Structure of Stupidity'. What sets him apart from most Conference Speakers is his ability to design bespoke keynotes to topic, audience and outcome. He has covered a variety of topics on Leadership, Language, Influence, Stupidity, Emotional Robustness, The Change Game, The Victim Legacy - Overcoming Toxic Culture, Building a Brilliant Career amongst a host of others. He has presented in 24 countries across the world (except for South America – so far...). He not only brings challenging ideas and depth he also illustrates his presentations in real time creating a unique experience for his audiences.


Facilitation is a complex and sophisticated skill and Colin is internationally recognized for his ability to manage groups through often challenging and difficult processes from strategic planning, organizational restructure, marketing campaign design, conflict management, Executive Leadership Team meetings, product launches and the like. He is a master of navigating complexity, conflict and politically tricky situations and facilitating outcomes that have lasting and measurable value. He is simply a master Facilitator.


In the last 3 years there has been a demand for Executive Coaching from several Executives across a range of industries. Colin's coaching approach is specifically focused on skill and personal development. He is very direct and robust in his approach and seeks to limit coaching sessions to a maximum of 3 or 4 sessions. The methodology is based on a 90 minute interview, the provision of a detailed report followed by 2 or 3 coaching sessions addressing identified areas for development. He has coached some of Australia's leading executives in financial services, aviation and information technology. He only provides coaching 4 days a month